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I offer spiritual direction to those seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, writings for meditation, guided meditations and more. I trained as a spiritual director at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, and have been privileged, grateful and touched deeply to accompany others as they deepen their spiritual lives. I am also a supervisor of spiritual directors and have taught students in spiritual direction at the Charlotte Spirituality Center.

The consuming interest in my life has been the Life of the Spirit--how do we all live a life dedicated in all things to God? What does that look like in this life--where I have to earn a living, take care of family and myself, at this time? What is my/your call? How do we discern/how do we listen to our deep soul-selves? How do we take in the love and forgiveness that God is always offering us? How do we love ourselves and our neighbor? The Life of the Spirit is a life-long road that we travel with God, more and more in God's presence, expressing more and more of who we were created to be, giving back to God and to life love, forgiveness, passion, caring--all that we've been given.

Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and Wilmington, Delaware, I have a bachelor's degree in Art History from Connecticut College. I lived my entire adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area until five years ago when I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. I worked in banking and retailing after graduation, eventually becoming a women's sportswear buyer and West Coast merchandise manager for a chain of women's clothing stores. While my husband and I raised three children, I was a school and church volunteer. Now a widow I recently moved from Charlotte to Baltimore, Maryland. Beyond my work I love to spend time with my family and to dye, paint, and print fabrics.