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Pat accompanies others on their spiritual journeys. Some of the questions she addresses are:

  • What excites or troubles you in life?
  • Where is God in this situation?
  • What is God calling you to?

Many seek spiritual direction when life feels routine, flat or uninteresting. For others it is to gain a spiritual perspective on a crisis or to satisfy curiosity about the deeper dimensions of spiritual life. To help others explore these and other topics, Pat offers the following services.

This short retreat was just what I needed to get some space from everyday life.  Pat has a way of creating simple spiritual exercises that bring you to center.  The work I did in those few short hours has lasted for weeks. 

Jinny Sullivan

I appreciated “getting to know other participants on a deeper level” and “taking time to think about my spiritual life.”


Allow Pat to guide you into a deeper, more genuine relationship with God. Contact her today...

Blog & Essays

Through Pat's blog, she writes about the walk with Jesus, its challenges and joy, and raises the questions that need to be answered by each of us. The essays are more formal pieces arising from what she has learned about the Lord, what He wants of us and what we can do to be faithful to Him.

Spiritual Tools

Pat offers tools to aid others in their spiritual discovery and journey. Please click here to find out more about these items.