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Exodus: Our Story Too!: From Slavery to the World to the Kingdom of God
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The Exodus Story: Our Story Too! From Slavery to the World to the Kingdom of God by Patricia Said Adams is a Biblical study guide taken from the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua.

Offering deep insight into God's will for all His children, this book reveals a "Template" that God still uses today and is relevant to all believers.

Revealing the purpose for the wilderness journeys, and the many ways God deals with His children, freedom in Christ is obtained by the same process as the Israelites' exodus from slavery into the Promised Land.

This journey takes place in the believers' minds and hearts resulting in holiness and union with God. Exodus: Our Story Too! offers fresh insight that ushers in spiritual maturity, and a new way of living in the Kingdom of God. It is our Promised Land!

Alignment with His will brings blessings, rest, peace and God-given purpose to those who would choose God's ways.

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Thy Kingdom Come!
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Over the Christian centuries the teaching about the kingdom of God has followed a pretty narrow pattern. The kingdom was heaven where believers in Jesus as the son of God, if they had been true to the letter of the law, would go after they died. This belief has been used to keep congregations in line and in the church or denomination. It teaches that God is the Big Parent in the sky who is punitive and can’t wait to punish those who stray. This belief bears little resemblance to Jesus’ teachings on the kingdom. It has invited us to be rule-followers and asks nothing of us about being loving towards God, our neighbors and ourselves which is the nature of the kingdom. It ignores Jesus' teaching that the spirit of the law is love. It has been a whole lot easier to follow the rules than it is to learn how to love.

In Thy Kingdom Come! The author, Patricia Said Adams, takes a new look at all the passages in the Four Gospels where Jesus talks about the kingdom, even some where he doesn’t mention it. No matter, the kingdom and our entry into it was always his subject matter. In Part I there are Jesus’ descriptions of the kingdom from the Parable about the Mustard Seed to the Parables of the Net and the Sheep and Goats to many other references. Then in Part II are the teachings about how we can get into the kingdom, what qualities we need to have, from being prepared to loving God with all of ourselves to loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. In Part III she draws conclusions about what God wants for and from us in the context of promoting the kingdom and living in it here on Earth.

For Jesus the kingdom is a reality here on Earth. He talked of it as being near and within and among you. But it is also hidden in plain sight, only a potentiality to most of us. There are certain levels of relationship with Christ that we have to achieve to even see it, much less to live in it. He is calling us to be in the world, but not of the world, so that in actuality we would be living in the kingdom primarily but not bound by the ways of the world.

The lens of inquiry about the kingdom in "Thy Kingdom Come!" focuses on this question: how do I, how do we, live a life centered in Christ in the 21st century? The author has been a spiritual director, a blogger about living a life of faith in God, and a longtime follower of Jesus Christ. This book will challenge how you think about God and yourself and about the depth of your relationship with God. It will invite you to not settle for a limited encounter with the Holy One, but to seek the deepest connection between you and God and to live out your created purpose. It will invite you beyond following the rules to a life centered in God. It will make the kingdom real to you.


Using Guided Imagery to Deepen the Life of the Spirit

Guided Meditation Audio CD and Tracks
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Instructions for the Journey Pamplet Series
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You have a deep well of patience within you.
Tap into it below with Pat's guided
meditation on Patience.

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Pat Adams' First Pamphlet in the Instructions for the Journey Series - Be Still
Pat Adams' Second Pamphlet in the Instructions for the Journey Series - Love
Pat Adams' Third Pamphlet in the Instructions for the Journey Series - Pay Attention
Pat Adams' Fourth Pamphlet in the Instructions for the Journey Series - Surrender
Pat Adams' Fifth Pamphlet in the Instructions for the Journey Series - Live in the Kingdom
Read an Excerpt from:
Be Still
Pay Attention
Live in the Kingdom

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These ten guided meditations evoke rich and powerful images in the person who takes the time to use them to connect to his/her deepest self, the place where we connect with God at the most profound level.

The Life of the Spirit requires stepping out of the beliefs you hold about God into a life lived in, with and for God. The beliefs are a gateway into that life, but must not be mistaken for it. The Holy Spirit wants to take your hand and lead you where your own unique design of talents and weakness imply you should go. Unhampered by your fears and conditioning which say that you can only go this far and no further, the Spirit loves to challenge and transform you into the person you were created to be.

God's Spirit

Forgiveness of Self
Forgiveness of Others
Accepting God's Love
Surrendering to God

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What is Written on your Heart 

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Instructions for the Journey is a series of 5 pamphlets about the spiritual journey designed to help people at any point along the Way focus their attention more on the Lord. The five titles are:
  1. "Be Still"
  2. "Love"
  3. "Pay Attention"
  4. "Surrender"
  5. "Live in the Kingdom"

I have taken practices and instructions from Jesus' teachings and from various Christian traditions, combined and simplified them in order to demystify the spiritual journey and to forestall any tendency on the part of a follower of Christ from seeking perfection in favor of faithfulness along the Way.

The series can be purchased as a set or individually. Each is $1.50 including postage and handling or the set of five booklets is $6.00 also including the mailing costs.

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